June-December 2014

I’m taking a much-needed hiatus from my Blanket Of The Month duties until at least January 2015. I require a break from writing and have ambitious travel plans.

Don’t think for a moment that I am abandoning you, dear readers. On the contrary, the new book contains hundreds of pictures of stupendous Indian blankets. Dished up one at a time for Blanket Of The Month purposes it would take us well into the year 2039.

Some of you (and you know who you are) have not yet purchased the new volume. The $89.50 price scares you, does it? There’s a reason for the price and it’s not greed, but quality. Six major publishers approached me for a follow-up to Chasing Rainbows, but none would agree to my demands for the finest paper, binding, and spot varnishing, which makes the colors of the blankets POP!

They all wanted to cut corners, downgrade instead of upgrade, make the book more affordable and sacrifice aesthetics to do so. I wanted to make the book more beautiful and when the publishers flinched, I decided to self-publish. That necessitated scouring the world to find the very best printer and hiring a truly professional photographer and graphic designer. It was a six figure investment on my part and I would do it again in a heartbeat. You’ll see every cent of your $89.50 and more in my book…that’s a promise.

Only Pendleton Woolen Mills and I are selling new copies and PWM is selling at the same exact cover price. If you want to wait for several years to get an abused second-hand copy I’ve inscribed “To Muffy…come for the blankets, stay for the waffles,” be my frugal guest.

But if you want a dead mint copy I’ll gladly inscribe and/or sign for YOU or your loved ones, go to the May 2014 Blanket Of The Month page for ordering info or just contact me directly at blanketboy@cox.net

I’ve also listed it on Amazon. Speaking of Amazon, read the reviews. Apparently I’m a genius!