December 2018

In this time of chaotic deep divisiveness in our nation, one clear voice must rise above the din and that voice is mine.

I spent the entire month of December pondering the profound differences that separate us all. I delved even deeper than political affiliation. Instead, I mentally drilled to the core – the one indisputable truth that isolates my Jewish brethren from those hundreds of millions of the Christian faith.

And either God or Joy Behar spoke unto me and here is the answer:

The difference between Jews and Christians is Christians do their own oil changes.

Please reflect on that wisdom of the ages while we proceed to our Blanket of the Month.

Very rarely does a Buell Mfg. Company blanket turn up…especially in excellent condition. This Cherokee pattern is not as spectactular as the Moki pattern I showcased in July, but has very unusual colors, excellent detail in the bands, dates to 1910 and would be a stellar addition even to the most advanced collection.

Getting back to the religion deal for a second, is everybody really buying into the idea of a Jewish carpenter? Just throwing this out there – any chance Jesus was actually a podiatrist?