January 2010

Yet another decade begins in which each time I go to the supermarket I will be asked if I want stamps and ice and I will politely and consistently decline. Am I totally out of step with the rest of society?  Are there a lot of people mailing ice?

There was a blue moon on New Year’s Eve. Now I’m concerned the moon may be made out of blue cheese and I have no idea what wine complements it properly. Obviously this is going to be a baffling decade for me.

I’m going to skip my usual drama this month and cut to the chase. I will be exhibiting at the High Noon show January 30-31 in Mesa, Arizona.  If you’re going to be in town for the show and want a tour of Barry’s Blanket Biosphere e-mail me at blanketboy@cox.net and/or call me at 602-595-1157. High Noon is the best antique cowboy and Indian extravaganza in the country and I spare no expense in creating the most cutting edge presentation of any of the 150 plus exhibitors.  My piles of blankets maniacally strewn about as if rifled through by a burglar frantically searching for cash and jewelry might at first appear sloppy and unprofessional, but it’s actually a look so sophisticated that I doubt anyone will fully understand it during my lifetime. Such is fate or as the French so eloquently put it, “I surrender!”

The blankets gods smiled upon me last week and I acquired a group of very rare trade blankets including next month’s featured blanket – the flat out best Knight Woolen Mills blanket ever found – be here February 1 and behold perfection! For this month’s selection we turn to one of my very favorite pictorial Racine patterns – scroll down and you will see it in several different color combinations – but this freshly acquired example is in my favorite combo of black and red.  Happy New Year and may all your blankets be heart smart and gluten-free.