February 2014

Aloha from the big island of Phoenix, Arizona! Rumors floating aloft on the tradewinds whisper Still Chasing Rainbows is on schedule and will be available for sale in early May.

This month I was planning to recap my adventures at the annual High Noon show, but that went by the wayside after my annual pilgrimage to the gargantuan Tucson Gem & Mineral Show.

Last year I purchased one piece of a mineral from Madagascar called polychrome jasper. This time? Only 65. Babies are now being named after me in Madagascar. Shrines are being built. I asked one vendor if I was his best customer for the stuff and he replied, “EVER!”

Here’s a small sample of my purchases. Same colors as blankets, right? I’m crazy like a fox. Also rabid like a fox, but that’s between me and my veterinarian.


I thought polychrome jasper would be Tucson’s big story, but one should never count out the fabled business known as Butterflies By God.

How does a man who sells the most grotesque lizards, bats and insects for a living top himself?

The answer is obvious: cane toads.

Not familiar with the critters? They’re a toxic invasive species especially in Australia where they number in the millions and have created biological havoc.

Where others see chaos, Butterflies By God sees chic. Wart’s up in fashion? The trend is totally toads in BBG’s sizzling new line of cane toad key rings, change purses, bow ties, sassy shoulder bags and yes, fanny packs.

Another kicky addition to this year’s products…the “bleeding bat”. This is too frightening to even picture. Bleeding bats are supplied by an Indonesian man who, and I quote, “skins half the bat and then adds red food dye. It really looks like it’s oozing blood, doesn’t it?” With a powerful sales pitch like that, It took all my willpower not to buy several and throw them in my cane toad fanny pack.






When a man starts writing about cane toad shoulder bags, you know a Blanket Of The Month selection can’t be far behind. From the marvelous Mark Pigott collection comes this c.1910 gorgeous Racine Woolen Mills blanket in the Compass Rose pattern.



Now I’m off to see a movie. It’s a horrible new take on a classic film. That’s right, “Citizen Cane Toad.” 


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  1. Another tour de farce!I devoured your interesting and disturbing blanket page although the
    photo of the cane toad shoulder bag will ensure ensuing nightmares.
    Love the blanket!
    One question..no bacon stone ?