July 2008

Fantastic news for the fans of my horrendous photography!  Instead of incredibly amateurish shots taken in my kitchen I’m celebrating July 2008 by shooting even worse photos in my office.  The locale may have changed, but my commitment to provide you the absolute worst in home photography remains unwavering! Here for your viewing…I hesitate to add the word pleasure…is a  Racine Woolen Mills blanket the likes of which I’ve never seen.

I believe this to be either a presentation blanket or an “end of day” blanket in which a factory worker had a bit of time on his/her hands and decided to be creative. The result is far too labor intensive to have ever been a stock factory blanket. There are SEVEN different colors of fringe – all hand-tied, of course as this blanket is pre-1900. As if this wasn’t wondrous enough, I have never seen another example of the pattern. This is my version of 4th of July fireworks – long live the Republic!


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