March 2018

I last wrote a Blanket of the Month entry in the fall of 2014 and here it is only March 14, 2018, and I’m already at it again!

Truth be told, I’m a bundle of lethargy. I have less energy than Puerto Rico. Sloths tell me to speed it up. After I take a shower paint watches me dry. Some people have sleep apnea – I have sleep aptitude. I’m so lazy I decided to see a psychiatrist about it, but I instantly fell asleep on his couch.

That’s why blankets are the perfect business for me. In what other line of work can you comfortably nap under your product? I personally guarantee that I’ve slept like a log under every blanket I sell.

There have been many times during the past four years I’ve felt compelled to resume Blanket of the Month, but there was always something that stopped me dead in my tracks. Drowsiness, usually.

But today I woke up charged up and vowed I would finally renew Blanket of the Month and what’s Blanket of the Month without a blanket? Well, it’s “of the Month” and who’s going to read that?

Not you, because here’s a blanket!  And not just any blanket, but the earliest wool pictorial Indian trade blanket known to exist. It’s c.1895 by an unknown manufacturer.

A Barry Bonus: also a great historic picture of a Navajo wearing the same blanket.

I’d love to hang around and chat, but I’m pretty exhausted. I have just enough strength left to sing myself a lullaby. I used to count sheep until I realized 35% of them still approve of Donald Trump.

Barry Friedman Blankets

Barry Friedman Blankets


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